48 Hours in Porto

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Porto seems to be the must go destination of these years, and with its stunning architecture, breath taking layout and fun mix of Continental, Atlantic and South American influences we are almost surprised this hasn’t always been the case. The city is changing at such speed that you’re mesmerised by the locals’ stories of the centre having looked abandoned and run down just a few years back.

Come and enjoy the rebirth of this glorious city – and its even more glorious boys!


Porto gay city guide

Friday 7:30PM


Boa tarde! Porto airport is near the centre and served by a metro line, so just get a travel card, top it up with a z4 journey (1.95€) and hop on the metro that will take you to Trindade station, from where you can get on other metro lines or walk to your accommodation.

You can get your accommodation right in the centre – near metro stations Aliados or Sao Bento – or if you want to experience Porto more like a local, we recommend Casa da Música or Marques, both walking distance from the centre, but much more relaxed and less touristic.

You’ve checked in so it’s time for your first glass of incredibly good wine, and it won’t be your last. Head up the hill to Candelabro, a fab little gay-friendly bar where all the chic locals gather for an evening hang-out. The fun outdoor area and cosy inside will become packed as the evening comes and Candelabro’s clientele will eventually take over the little square in front of it. Expect a tasty selection of Portuguese wines and a warm welcome from staff who will be happy to help you with your selection. You can, of course, drink anything else you like, from local beers to great coffees.




Friday 9:30PM


Time to have dinner, yummy! A corner away from Candelabro, you’ll find one of the most pleasant restaurants of Porto, in a gorgeously tiled building. Come to Comme Ci or its sister Comme Ça where you’ll be lavished by delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Comme Ça downstairs is more of the north side of the Mediterranean and Comme Ci upstairs more of its south side, bringing in more North African flavours. They have a deal, if you order the same meal for two, it’ll cost €14.50 in total, now that’s incredible. You can eat anything from boar to octopus, the menu is always changing and is always exciting.

gay travel porto comme ci



Friday 11:30PM


Clubbing in Porto doesn’t begin until later in the night, so you might want to warm up and dance those tasty bites off at Lusitano, which is – you’ll love this – conveniently right next door to Comme Ci / Comme Ça. You get a ticket at the door and everything you consume will be marked on it and you’ll pay when you leave. Obviously, don’t lose this ticket, da. Beautiful interior, fun bar, great DJs and a mixed, unpretencious gay crowd: we love this place! Staff are nice, and by the way, cute, too! 😉

porto gay Cafe Lusitano



Saturday 2AM


If you still feel like going for it, head to one of the main gay venues: Zoom. This is your ultimate gay club experience in Porto, so if this what you’re into, don’t miss it. Lots of hot local boys and men from the city and surrounding areas, mixed with Erasmus students and tourists, you’ll definitely have the chance to meet people here.


It’s 6am babes, now go home with that hot couple you picked up and we’ll see you tomorrow! <3


Saturday 10AM


Are you still alive? Not quite yet, so go and have breakfast. You can go into any bakery, really, they will all have fantastic remedies for your hangover. One we really like is by Casa da Musica and is called Ponto 2. Ask for their brunch menu with real delish healthy options so you feel like you’re doing some good to your body after smashing it last night.

gay travel porto ponto 2


Saturday 11AM


While you’re near Casa da Música, you might as well go and visit it as the building itself is fascinating. Check their programme, you might catch a good concert later tonight. There is a stylish restaurant and bar upstairs, so take the lift and get blown away by the stunning views, and yeah, have some more vitamin C and slurp an orange juice on the terrace, or actually, maybe it’s time for your first glass of wine. Have a vinho verde (green wine lol), it’s something they love here in Porto, a slightly weaker, sparkling white (I mean, green) wine.

gay travel porto casa da musica


Saturday 12PM


Let’s go to the beach! Hope you’ve packed your speedos because you’re in for a treat at Matosinhos beach. Metro will take you there, or take bus 500 from Sao Bento for a picturesque journey via the river and then the ocean. You can sunbathe in Matosinhos, you can rent a surfboard and catch the waves or play volleyball with local boys. As per gay beaches, there aren’t any explicitly gay ones near Porto, you’ll nevertheless meet gay guys here without any problem. You can also bring along that hot couple from last night! The reason you’re OK to go to the beach this time is because Porto usually never gets too hot and too unbearable, but of course, protect your skin! Plus you don’t want to look like a typical roasted tourist by the end of the day.


Saturday 2PM


While in Matosinhos, do not miss its beautiful fish restaurants. Fish is as fresh as it can get here and will be grilled in front of your eyes – usually outside the restaurant. Our favourite is Tito II here, with succulent seafood dishes and also meat and vegetarian options. You’ll cry it’s so good. And you’ll feel like a fat bastard by the time you’re heading back to Porto.


Saturday 4PM


OK, and now sightseeing and culture. Come on, just a little. Go back to Sao Bento station, and have a look at the absolutely gorgeous tile work inside the building. Grab an ice cream from Cremosi Geladeria Artenasal Portuguesa. They knew you were coming and prepared some special flavours for you – mojito, cachaca, champagne and beer amongst more conventional flavours. Walk up on that big ass iron bridge (Ponte Luís I) and just look at how incredible that view is. Not incredible enough? OK, cross the bridge – don’t get run over by the metro – and walk up to the big white monastery on the other side.

We can’t express enough how much there is to do and see in Porto, from its top contemporary art museum to port wine cellars, this is the time to do those. Have a look at our recommendations.



Saturday 6PM


Time to meet some like minded folks at Porto’s best sauna! Lol. We haven’t had the chance to test all saunas, but locals vote for Thermos, which is the largest one in town, with a mixed crowd of all ages and types.


Saturday 8PM


Have a drink before dinner at Bar Conceicao 35. Juicy cocktails and juicy boys. 😛

gay travel porto bar conceicao 35



Saturday 10PM


If you want to eat something extremely local, go up to Marques and take a seat at … If you had a Portuguese granny, she would cook something like this for you. Only Portuguese menu, so take your Google translate or just be adventurous – you can’t really go wrong here. Enjoy a home made meal for 4.80€, which is fantastic if you’re on a budget. You’ll meet mostly local customers here.


Sunday 1AM


You’re a short walk away from Pride bar, which will be tonight’s highlight. Local boys have mixed feelings about this bar, and we probably wouldn’t come here every weekend, but it’s definitely fun to see once. Lots of hot young boys up for a good time.

gay travel porto pride bar



Sunday 10AM


Wakey wakey! You have to leave your accommodation soon so squeeze in as many sights and as much fun before heading back to the airport as you can. If you still haven’t had enough, which you haven’t, there is a cruising spot we can recommend at the garden of Palácio de Cristal. Check out the stunning views from the garden, escorted by peacocks. Really, peacocks. And when you’re done, head towards the public toilets and with some luck, you’ll find some action there. Some guys might be sitting on the benches outside, following you in, sometimes they’re already inside. Have fun!

gay porto guide palacio cristal


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