48 Hours in Budapest

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You have just landed in Budapest and you’re about to jump into a holiday full of fun, history, culinary joy and relaxation. The golden age of ‘90s gay porn mass production, sex parties and drug fuelled raves is fading, but you’ll find the aftermath in its sleek and elegant form even more exciting. This city is so layered and rich in culture and history that you’ll probably be left slightly confused, in a good way. Boys, seriously, hot af and ready for fun.

budapest gay travel guide


Friday 6PM


Get yourself accommodation somewhere in districts V, VI or VII and you won’t even need public transport for the most of your stay. Most of the fun is in this area and you don’t need to stay at a noisy road, once you’re off the main junctions, Budapest is a fairly calm city.


Friday 7PM


Opera might not be your thing but you’ll love the National State Opera building so get yourself a ticket for as little as £1 on the day of the performance and treat yourself to a classy evening. You don’t have to stay throughout the entire performance if you don’t want to.




Friday 10PM


Menza. Walk down to Liszt tér with all its lively bars and restaurants. Menza (meaning ‘canteen’ in Hungarian), this 60’s decor restaurant will be your best choice for local cuisine and a great wine selection. Plus hawt waiters! Definitely try some top Hungarian wines here!

budapest gay guide menza



Friday 11:30PM


Before you throw yourself into proper nightclubbing, you still have time for a night bath at Rudas fürdő. None of the old Turkish bath houses are officially gay, but at this time of the night you’ll most probably meet some like minded people.

rudas bath budapest gay guide travel



Saturday 1AM


The main(stream) gay club of Budapest, Alterego, there’s nothing you can do, you’ll have to go. Music goes from local and global hits from the last four decades, so expect a big variety. Boys are young and cute, up for a good time! Old school drag show at 1pm and 3pm, you’ll gag.

alterego budapest gay travel guide



Saturday 11AM


Escaping your hangover, you want to stuff your face with local goodies, get your ass down to the main Market Hall and do it! This is a real haven for Hungary’s best produce and street food.



Saturday 12PM


Nepliget is the city’s most prominent cruising area. You’ll find boys up for fun during the day and in the evening. Obviously, use your common sense and be careful.


Saturday 2PM


The main pedestrian area, Váci utca, can be reached from the Palace by crossing the Chain Bridge. Go to Gerbeau Café at Vörösmarty tér and try one or more of famous Hungarian cakes, like ‘dobos torta’, ‘Eszterházy torta’ or ‘Somlói galuska’. We recommend the latter one as it has booze in it!


Saturday 4PM


Sit in Deák tér, the central square of Budapest with some beer or wine, enjoy the sun and meet people. Sometimes home to different sorts of markets. If you want to do some shopping, this is the area to do so.


Saturday 6PM


And now walk that walk down Andrássy út towards Oktogon, one of the city’s main arteries and enjoy looking at 19th-century imperial architecture, beauts! Plus all the hotties.


Saturday 7PM


Another fantastic restaurant on your way, Klassz, with even better wine selection, we really recommend that you try this place.


Saturday 8PM


Don’t order any desserts at Klassz because there is an incredible, hidden gem next door at Alexandra book store. It looks like a normal book store, but when you go up to the second floor, you’ll see a beautiful hall, which is a café. Have another piece of cake, you’re on holiday!

klassz gay guide budapest



Saturday 9PM


After Oktogon you’ll get to a more relaxed area with gorgeous villas, head straight to Hero’s Square. You can also take the over 100-year-old underground.

budapest gay guide heroes square


Saturday 10PM


Have a drink at one of the pubs at Gozsdu udvar, the city’s nighttime centre. We like Gozsdu Mano, they have live concerts, but you can totally do a pub hopping tour here. Make sure you try all ‘pálinkas’, the local spirit made out of fruits. Also, pop into one of the ‘ruin pubs’, you can’t really miss the experience.


Sunday 1AM


Toldi mozi is a cinema during the day but it turns into a very pleasant alternative gay club in the evening. Forget what you experienced last night, this is a different take on Budapest gay scene. Lots of students, very mixed, great atmosphere. And more pálinka!

garcons toldi budapest gay travel guide



You get out of the club totally wasted, all you want is some greasy food. You don’t need to go far, just to the nearest metro station ‘Arany János utca’ and one of the small stands will sell a Hungarian, extremely unhealthy and delicious deep fried delicacy called ‘lángos’. Normally you eat it with garlic (not if you’re taking some cutie home), sour cream and grated cheese, but just let your fantasy fly and get whatever you fancy.

langos budapest gay travel city guide


Sunday 10AM


Have your morning coffee at New York Café, this absolutely stunning cafe house, there is not much we can say as we’re speechless just thinking about it. Go and see it yourself.

budapest gay guide new york cafe



Sunday 12PM


So you think you are Sporty Spice. Do you really feel like running 5k after last night? If you do, there is a fantastic 5k running piste around Margit sziget (the main island between Buda and Pest) where you can enjoy the proximity of the river and a gorgeous park. Plus runners in their shorts, half naked, yass!

margit sziget budapest gay travel guide


Sunday 1PM


The main contemporary art museum of Budapest is situated by the river, in the south, you can get tram 2 from the centre. It always has something interesting to see. The building itself, called Palace of Art, is stunning and also home of an excellent concert hall.

ludwig museum gay travel guide budapest



Sunday 3PM


Take a boat to the Palace, where you can have lunch in one of the cafés. Walk around the gothic Mátyás Church, enjoy the view from the Fisherman’s Bastion and take a selfie with the House of Parliament situated on the other side of the Danube.

matyas templom church budapest gay travel guide



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